As we described it previously, the Comfort Zone is the zone in which we are in, we like, and preserve, even if we are not happy in it.  It is easiest to stay within its foggy boundaries than try to get out of it, and find the real us.

1. You have to adopt the word NEW into your personal vocabulary.  New experience, new place, new people, new attitude, new recipe…everything NEW is beautiful.

2. Dare being different from who you are.  When people will see your love for novelty, they may be surprised.  Continue anyway, they will get used to it after a while.  Ancient acquaintances, or new friends, there will always be someone to like this new you.

3. Don’t justify yourself, be yourself.  You explain your decisions without looking for any approval.  Your comfort zone makes someone else’s life very comfortable.  Some people will try to discourage you because they don’t want any change in their own zone.

4. Challenge yourself to succeed.  Make a list of all the things you have always wanted to do, you were afraid to do, you never thought you could do, you are sure you cannot do, and challenge yourself to try them.

5. Don’t be afraid of failure or of success.  Step by step, you will know that you learn from your mistakes and get stronger with your successes.

On the Buoy Blog, you can read the experiments made by us.  You will realize what it is exactly to get out of a comfort zone.  Check out our foggy list to see what we plan to try.  Maybe you will find your own tips and hints.  Each of the activities on the list are like many buoys spread around a channel away from your comfort zone.

Florence and Kathleen
The Buoy Bloggers