There is a strange thing in our emotional vortex that we are not able to explain.

Perhaps you can recognize yourself in one of these situations, or make one of your own.  A smoker knows he or she has to quit, but hides to have a cigarette.  A man takes an extra job, even though he already puts in more than 60 hours/week.  A mom signs up for another volunteering activity for her children’s school even though she already volunteers in three different areas.  A partner wants to stop a disastrous relationship with a lover but still calls he or she.  An employee wants to quit a job, but fears doing so.

We all have a need for change, but something holds us back.  It is the zone we live in, that which we know well; a zone where we feel safe, even when it is not what we really want.

It is our comfort zone.

Change is scary.  It means takings risks and jeopardizing what we know.  It is like living on a tiny island we hate, and being afraid to leave it because of what might happen if we sail away.

We ask ourselves these kinds of questions:

Would we be lonelier on the sea?  Is it dangerous?  Are people friendly over there?

Let’s try other questions starting with “what if…,” like a novelist ready to start writing a new story.

What if…we enjoy the cruise?

What if …we meet new and interesting people?

What if…the journey itself is worth it?

What if…different means better?

What if you take the challenge to get out of your comfort zone?

This journey outside your comfort zone is long, and yes sometimes scary, but here on the Buoy Blog you will find buoys to help you set up your sails.

There is no one best way to embark on the journey out of your comfort zone.  It depends on you and what you want to do. Here on the buoy list you will find five tips to remember while you sail out of your comfort zone.

A way to take those steps is to write down a list of challenges you can take to get out of your comfort zone.  Read our buoy list here.  Then we will try them all to see how life is behind the foggy horizon.

Fair winds dear friends and remember: every step is a challenge, but every step, even the smallest is a victory.

Florence and Kathleen
The Buoy Bloggers