When Kathleen and I went to an Emotional Freedom Techniques presentation, we had no idea what to expect.
We went to our town library, and found the room with a few people already waiting. Looking at them quietly reading the brochure, we couldn’t tell if we were about to step into a sort of New Age Movement session. We sat down and started reading documents and a laminated card that explained some of the exercises we were there to try.

We were nervous; it was our very first Buoy experiment. Debra M. Hollinrake, a Certified EFT Practitioner, was doing the information session. She was enthusiastic and had a positive attitude that made us relax. She explained that EFT was a form of acupuncture without needles. Good. I wasn’t ready to suffer, even for the Buoy Blog.

EFT helps to release negative emotions by tapping –gently—on specific points on our face and body. Meridians run through our body. They are like energetic paths on which our energy is running. You can have more info on EFT here.
When Debra started tapping the top of her head, the thought that immediately came through my mind was, “what I am doing here?”
It seems so awkward to see all these people repeating consciously her moves and tapping first their head, then their eyebrow, the side of their eyes, under the nose, on their chin, their collarbone and under their arm. At the beginning, our gestures were a little stiff . To make us feel better and more eager to participate, she put some music on and started dancing and tapping her face and body with rythm. She encouraged us to do the same. Shortly we were all bouncing and the vision of us, hand in the air tapping under our arm, was certainly perfect to help us feel good about ourselves. Personally, I recommend a jazzy tune like “Fly me to the moon” sung by Frank Sinatra.

After practicing the tapping, we learned the process of healing with EFT:

First, pick a specific event that has created frustration, anger or pain. Keep in mind the precise moment that bothers you and give it a measure (from 1 light to 10 extreme).

Second, make sure your body knows that you are going to work on it by tapping your Karate Chop Point (under your pinky). In the same time, say this:
“Even though I have/I am (ex.frustrated), I deeply and completely accept myself.”
For example: “ Even though I hate when I am angry, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
Finally, you do all the series of tapping while saying out loud what bothers you.
I will try a specific example to make sure you understand the process. You can adapt it to your situation.
Pick the situation that bothers you, like a colleague making a negative comment on your job.
1- Chop-Chop (karate point): Even though I hate when I am angry, I deeply and completely accept myself.
2- Tap-tap (on your head): I am so mad
3- Tap-tap (on your eyebrows): I can’t stand him anymore
4- Tap-tap (on the side of yours eyes): what a jerk
5- Tap-tap (under your eyes): who does he think he is?
6- Tap-tap (under your nose): who does he think I am?
7- Tap-Tap (on the chin): who do I think he is?
8- Tap-tap (on the collarbone): Even though he is a jerk, and I shouldn’t let him drive me nuts like that
9- tap-tap (under the arm): I deeply and completely accept myself.
After the first series, measure the intensity of this moment on yourself. Depending on how strong it is, you might have to repeat it several times.

Maybe EFT is not going to cure me from my anger, but the chop-chop process is perfect to let off the steam without tapping on the meridian points of somebody else!
Let’s try now with music!

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