I am a dropout. I know what you’re thinking. No, I didn’t drop out of high school or from college. I dropped out of Weight Watchers!
I have dropped out three times in the past seven years, but who’s counting? I recently took note of myself and realized that I WAS a weight watcher- I was watching my weight rise faster than I could get to a meeting!

I am no longer a twenty something who can eat anything I choose and not gain an ounce. Food is my vice. What’s worse is that I’m not just satisfied with American food; I have to go the international route. You can take me around the globe and I am sure to find something to satisfy my taste buds:
Malaysia – Roti Canai
Italy – Eggplant Parmesan
China – Mei Fun noodles
India – Palak Paneer
Thailand – Chicken with yellow curry

You get the idea. Almost every country offers me a tasty and calorie laden delicacy. I will spare you the details on the desserts I love. Ok, maybe one. Cannolis. Why can’t I ever crave a Macintosh apple, a granola bar, or a bowl of fresh baby carrots? Which brings me back to Weight Watchers. I remember my first leader, Denise, offering to us members her wise observation, “nobody is here because they ate too many carrots.” How true!

So I have decided to give it one more try and become a Weight Watchers member again. No more fooling around. This is it!
No more soda, late night snacks, or raiding the kids’ Halloween treat bags. I have made the commitment to take better care of myself by making better food choices. I know I have to make a conscious effort to select the right foods, but I am hoping that during this season of farmer’s markets and roadside garden stands, that effort will be minimized. It takes work, but the benefits far outweigh (no pun intended) the consequences-diabetes, heart disease, stroke, or just having to buy a new larger sized wardrobe.

The library and internet have a wealth of information and recipes on healthy eating. Try some. You may surprise yourself. Slowly making substitutions here and there to a meal won’t shock your gastrointestinal system and you will still enjoy your three square meals. Small changes can make large impacts; remove the salt from the lazy Susan, invest in a large can of olive oil, bake don’t fry, etc. I may have been a Weight Watchers dropout, but my education is never over. I’m learning to make delicious meals for my family that incorporate new recipes with healthier ingredients.

It’s time for me to put my pen down. All of this writing is making me hungry…

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