Florence and I set out on an afternoon trip recently to go strawberry picking at a local farm. It truly was our intention to arrive back home with a $7 basket overflowing with fresh strawberries that WE had picked ourselves. We found this particular farm on pickyourown.org, printed out directions, and off we went.

Sussex County Strawberry Farm Entrance
Sussex County Strawberry Farm Entrance

Everything went according to plan for about ten minutes. We parked the car in the upper parking lot of the farm and we walked down the muddy path to the cashier who would provide us our baskets. About halfway down, we realized that we forgot a cell phone –who does that today?– and turned around to go back to the car. We stopped to take a picture. Then, we noticed behind us dark gray clouds hovered over one end of the farm. Would we make it back in time to hand pick our strawberries?

Georgia is ready for some strawberries

Georgia is ready for some strawberries

 Strawberry picking was not meant to be that day. As we rounded the corner back into the parking lot, we took cover in the nursery as the first raindrops fell. Beautiful floral hanging baskets awaited us as well as unique garden accessories. Last but not least, we saw strawberry pots for sale. We both wondered how potting soil is meant to stay in the vertical holes of a strawberry pot. Hopefully I can get some answers on organicgardening.about.com a helpful site for anyone from a beginner to a seasoned gardener.


We made our way to a large barn where assorted styles of picnic tables were on display and a gentleman was ready to take a customer’s order. That’s when we spotted the largest strawberry we had ever seen. But, we didn’t have a proper basket to take it.

photo (6)
Who goes to strawberry picking with a fork lift truck?

We made it to the car seconds before the clouds opened up.

Strawberry picking will have to wait for another day. I took it as a sign that I wasn’t meant to have my daily requirement of fruit. No one will know.

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