The Buoy Blog: How long have you lived in the US??

Stéphane: Nine Years

TBB: What brought you here?

S:  The wish to be relocated and taking the risk –measured—to live out of Europe for an undefined  period and time.

TBB: What were you expecting before coming to the US?

S: Find a balanced environment for my family.

TBB: Were your expectations reached or disappointed?

S: Reached and exceed even to this day, with its share of obstacles, and lessons to be learned.

TBB: Was adapting to a new country easy or difficult?

S:  Quite easy. I was a student in Connecticut ten years ago, before I came back here.

TBB: What was the most difficult situation to handle?

S: I arrived to the US without a job and with my wife and our 18 months son. It was a serious challenge, but it also made this journey unique, and without remorse.

TBB: How did you get out of it?

S: Perseverance, and the moral support of whose who believed in me; but also the strong wish to prove to  those who were doubtful that they were wrong.

What was your best moment here?

S: Right now, this summer in Sparta.

TBB: What are the things you love most about America?

S: The fact that everything has to be earned, and hard work (in general) pays. The diversity of people and their opinions.

LBB: What are those you do not like?

S: Freedom of speech when assess in a wrong way can lead to intolerance.

TBB: What are you missing from France?

S: French cuisine and my family (not in this specific order…;)

TBB: If you had to go back to France, what would you take with you from the US?

S: Nothing material, but a lot of experience, unforgettable memories of American friends and colleagues who have being very welcoming.

TBB : What advice would you give to a French person who would like to come live in the US?

S:  Keep an open mind, and be ready to lose…and to get back to your feet. Believe in yourself even when everything give the feeling that the dream is over.