The Buoy Blog: How long have you lived in the US?

Isabelle: two years. I also lived in Missouri from 2000 to 2008.

TBB: What brought you here?

I: My husband’s job.

TBB: What were you expecting before coming to the US?

I: I thought I would find the same nice people as in Missouri. I had good friends over there.

TBB: Were your expectations reached or disappointed?

I : When I arrived in Roseland, I was disappointed. In the stores for example, people were rude and nasty. Here in Sparta, it is better. My neighbors are very nice.

TBB: Was adapting to a new country easy or difficult?

I: Easy, I love the United States.

TBB: What was the most difficult situation to handle?

I: I am not fluent in English, even now. It is hard to go through the language barrier.

TBB: How did you get out of it?

I: I am taking a class with a volunteer from Literacy Volunteer. I am learning more vocabulary and I read more.

TBB: What was your best moment here?

I: All the travels we did in the country: Yellowstone, California, New Orleans…

TBB: What are the things you love most about America?

I: The kindness of the Americans people. The school system. My kids love to go to school here. Teaching is less strict, more encouraging, and more positive than in France. It is more attractive. Teachers and kids respect each other. There is a lot of information about drugs and alcohol.

LBB: What are those you do not like?

I: Guns. I am scared that people can carry a gun. The traffic in New Jersey is awful.

TBB: What are you missing from France?

I: The French baguette, and dairies.

TBB: If you had to go back to France, what would you take with you from the US?

I: My magnets! There are all my memories from my trips.

TBB: What advice would you give to a French person who would like to come live in the US?

I: Leave with the essential; don’t take the unnecessary; don’t be afraid to leave your family and friends to meet new ones here.

Sarah is born in the US. She loves the school here because it is easier. She misses the Castles, Paris and her friends.

Sarah loves Georgia!

Sarah and Georgia
Sarah and Georgia