It’s OK to be angry… sometimes. Don’t be afraid to search for answers whether it is through the internet, library, or professional sources if you feel that your anger is getting out of control, or is negatively affecting your life. A quick search on the internet brought me to a site which had a lot of useful information and links to help with everyday stress and anger triggers.

It is overwhelming to sift through the internet to find a site that can help with many of life’s difficult situations. The American Psychological Association provides important strategies to deal with anger and is a wonderful resource on other topics. Some of their strategies for dealing with anger are listed here:

A) Calming- let the feelings subside
– Breathe – take deep breaths to release the tension
– Imagery- Create a calming picture in your mind
– Try exercises that are slow in motion such as yoga/tai-chi
– Repeat a calm word or phrase

B) Cognitive Restructuring– changing the way you think. This is much easier said than done, but can be accomplished with a little practice.

C) Problem Solving– make a plan and give it your all even if the problem isn’t resolved right away.

D) Better Communication– slow down and think before you speak and think about what you are going to say. Just as important is taking the time to listen to the other person as he or she speaks.

E) Use Humor– Don’t take yourself too seriously….seriously:)

F) Change Your Environment– give yourself a break, take a walk at lunchtime, take a timeout.

Keep in mind your own strategies that work. For instance, journal your feelings, go for a run, talk with a friend, buy a punching bag. If you are able to eliminate the triggers that make you angry without hurting anyone else in the process (either physically or emotionally), you are doing something right.

Some useful sites that are worth a peek:

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