Music soothes the soul, some say. It can also be a therapeutic intervention to our emotional issues. Singing in the shower, or screaming on top of our lungs “I want to break free,” while vacuuming –a new interpretation of Freddy Mercury’s way of cleaning the house—can be an excellent way of dealing with anger.

Honestly, who has never had the desire to hit a colleague, a friend, a sibling –you pick who wins—on his or her head as if it was a djembe?

So let’s do this! Not on a real person, of course, but on a drum.

Kathleen and I joined a drum circle and you can read our story here.

Kathleen made some noise!

I can tell that it was a wild experience. Nothing better than going to my tribal and savage side to feel calmer and ready to act civilized even with people who are running on my nerves like a squirrel on a wire.

From the old ages, drums were used by many civilizations. For some it was a prayer device, like for the Shamanic or Native American drummers. The drumming rhythm is supposed to have a therapeutic effect such as accelerating physical healing and boosting the immune system.

Drumming can help release negative emotions. By keeping our feelings hidden, we can create some energy blockages, and we know, especially after our EFT experience, that energy needs to flow smoothly in our body if we want to feel better.
Drums can stimulate our energy with their sound vibrations that resonate in our body. Pounding a drum following our heartbeat, or at a steady low beat can calm us down. On another hand, if we need to stimulate our inner self, accelerating the beat gives us a boost.
In a drum circle, there is no need to talk, but every musician can let go of what is bothering her/him. It’s expressing without saying a word, without telling anyone what may be the problems. If deep inside you, you are mad, you can let go of that anger, and after kicking and bouncing, this feeling will go away. Then, you are so concentrated on the beat that you forget about the rest.
Everybody plays together and has to follow the others. That means you feel like someone is listening to what you have to say; even if you don’t say it aloud. At least drums are loud enough that you can be sure someone is going to hear you; even those who don’t want to hear you. You talk and someone listens. What a nice feeling!
So grab a can, a box, or anything that makes a sound –and that is not alive,– and strike the drum. I am all ears!

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For those who don’t remember, and those who don’t know Freddy Mercury.