July went by like a strong wind and August is following at the same speed. I don’t see the days and I don’t have a lot of time to write for my favorite blog.

I have an excuse, and a good one –I hope. My first-born is going to college next week and I spend my days getting his departure ready with the application of a stuntwoman preparing her next stunt, except it is not me leaping. I also have to get ready myself. The truth is plain and hard as ice, I cannot get over it. Then, I concentrate on organizing his stuff and getting all the details ready.

I can get over the idea that my little bird is leaving the nest for good this time. Once he has known the wild and fun life of a student, he won’t come back home as the same boy who left it. And it has to be like this. I am already an overprotective mother; I don’t want to give my kid the guilt of being independent!

I have always painted my family portrait with my husband and my children in our house. During the nine years away from our relatives still in France, we have counted only on each other during the bad and the good times of life. It has strengthened our link, and I have concentrated mostly on them. Of course, we are not always together. My kids have friends, and sleepovers, my husband his job, and I have my own activities. Yet, in my family’s painting, it’s only us at home.

Now, one of us is leaving, and the painting is taking a new shape. The house is still here, and so are my children, my husband, my cats and our goldfish, but our home is stretching and goes all the way to Canada. Our next picture together will be at Christmas.
It is life, and it is good. For now, I have to look at my painting from another perspective. I have to step back and move away to look at it from a larger angle. The house is still here, and we are all in the picture, but each of us is taking another spot, another dimension. By looking at the painting from afar and by admiring the whole scene, I may even be able to find it more beautiful.

Not right at this very moment.

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