I took a lazy ride a few days ago on back roads through the country and couldn’t help noticing the color green. As I meandered through S curves, I was constantly met with green walls on each side of me dappled in light and dark tones. I took notice of the grass that hugged the shoulders, pine trees standing behind overgrown shrubbery, ivy creeping up telephone poles and across power lines, and leaves of assorted trees that have no landscaper to tame them. Even the synthetic green of road signs popped up sporadically on my journey.

When I arrived home, I went to find the box of 96 crayons that lies idly in the craft closet. 15 members are in the green family, each hue with it’s own unique name; my favorite being called, “screamin green.” I hope I encountered each color as I was driving as there was no time to stop and investigate further.

How amazing it would be to paint a roadside landscape on canvas and put it on my wall. I would feel like I was looking out a window rather than at a framed re-creation. There must be endless combinations of paints to mirror the greens along a country road. With the right tools and supplies, artists must lose themselves in their work and only they know when it is the right time to let the paint dry.

Time to go back to the craft closet and pull out those watercolor paints…

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