In my search to learn more about watercolor painting, I found quite a few books at the public library that outlined the materials someone would need to get started as well as the techniques to create the perfect painting.  Seemed easy enough.

Paper, paints, brushes are really all a beginner needs…. or so I thought. There is such an assortment of paper to choose from, and special brushes for special strokes. I began to look at watercolor painting in the same way I have been reflecting on my life recently.

When we first meet people we start with a blank sheet of paper. Our first impressions of them give us that first hint of color that gets put down either with a heavy hand or a slight one. We have to let that first layer dry before adding more color giving us time to reflect. Adding color too soon will destroy what has been started.

As time goes on and we are comfortable with a brush in our hands, we are in control of deepening the hues of that first layer. Multiple colors, blending shades, tones…. personalities, cultures, races, religions all cross our path at some point in life. We have the ability to create a masterpiece or discard that paper and begin again.

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