To have a great intuitive painting experience, you need:

A nice place to install your material and somewhere you feel comfortable and happy. It can be outside, if weather permits it. You can put some music on; it helps free the imagination and release tension.

Paper or any other support you want  such as a rock, carton, etc.

Paints – any kind

Brushes, but you can also use your fingers, or anything you want

Water, container, paper towels

Plastic wrap


A buoy

1- You tape your paper on a support to make sure the paper is not going to wrinkle. We learned this from Kathleen’s advice on watercolor painting.

Get ready to paint
Get ready to paint

2- Painting can be messy, so cover your buoy with an old shirt or plastic wrap. Now, you can have fun without worrying about the clean up afterwards.

cover up

3- Pick your color according to your mood, the emotions you want to express or get rid of.

Georgia loves blue

Georgia loves blue.

4- Get wet and paint.

Georgia is not afraid to get wet for the Buoy Blog

Do not hesitate to play with the materials, colors and contrasts. Let your imagination lead you.

5- Et voila! Welcome the first Buoy Intuitive Painting.


Dear readers, Scream Under Water and the Buoy Blog writers are proud to present in an world premiere exclusive:

"A Buoy Life" By Georgia the Buoy
“A Buoy Life”
By Georgia the Buoy


Buoy Blogger