I find that to write and to speak are two separate skills completely independent of each other.  When I write, I can edit, erase, and rewrite some more.  I find that getting words down on paper is much easier than verbalizing them.  There is still some organizing to be done, spelling and grammar to watch for, but I can express myself much better.

There are benefits to journaling beyond just putting pen to paper for our eyes only.  Here are some on them for our buoy list:

1-To track what we eat
Weight Watchers suggests not only journaling what we eat, but how we feel as well to link what triggers us to eat emotionally.

2-To write down our goals and dreams
By planning and organizing goals, we see what we can really do and how we can achieve them. No one is there to say if it’s good or not. When we go back to our writing, it motivates us to work on our dreams. If we fail, what about writing on what prevents us from succeeding?

3-To problem solve
By putting on paper in a creative way our problems, we look at them in another perspective, and new solutions appear more easily.

4- To be grateful
Everyday we can find something positive to write about. It can be a nice experience, a smile glimpsed during the ride to work, a positive idea heard on the radio or on the street, a quote we like, or an image as well. Something that gives us joy or pride.  We deserve a little happiness each day.

5-Write for the sake of it
Write, write, and write some more.

6-To release emotions and get them out
Writing about our anger, our fear, or our sadness reduces their impact on us.

7-To gain a better knowledge of ourselves
By clarifying our thoughts and our emotions, we write down what we really feel and think without any judgment or having to explain ourselves.  It’s just us and a friendly piece of paper.

8-To get a better night’s sleep
If we can spend about a half hour each afternoon or early evening to list anything that is bothering us, we can help alleviate nighttime stress. If there is too much negativity, we can try to be grateful instead.

Journaling is not only about writing, but it can be drawing, painting, or  a collage.

I hope you join me in trying a few of these and letting me know what the results are.  I will keep you posted as well.

For those who are better with electronics, I have found numerous free apps for my phone so I can journal. These are nice tools too if I forget my notebook, or my favorite pen runs out of ink:

Private Journal by yoobee

Momento by d3iLtd

you can keek a socail journal here:
Happier by Happier, Inc.

Some internet sites to check out are if you’d like more info:

Stress about.com have a general presentation on journaling for stress management:

Psycentral.com gives some other approach on journaling:

This article in the Huffington Post gives you ideas to journaling on:

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