My husband loves to blow the leaves in our backyard. Every Fall when the first leaf loosens from its branch to whirl slowly on the grass, he locks himself in the garage to get his leaf blower ready. He wouldn’t miss the hunt and leaves nothing to chance. There are some sacred moments of his life that I am not sure I get, but I guess it is the same for him when he sees me walking around with a buoy.

As soon as leaves cover a little bit of the ground, and land softly on a bush or on the driveway, he put on his boots, his protective glasses with the seriousness of Rambo – the first movie, I lost Rambo after that one. – Then he places the noise reducing helmet on his head, puts the roar of the engine on his back, and starts to clean up the backyard. I have watched him for a longtime now; he really likes it.

When I ask him why he loves blowing the leaves so much, he just answers by grumbling that someone has to do the job. This answer cannot satisfy a Buoy Blogger. After different questions and approaches, he explains that blowing leaves relaxes him. There was hidden the secret of his obsession with foliage.

After having tested EFT and drumming, I thought I could give leaf blowing a try. Plus, it is in our Buoy List.

First, I didn’t understand what kind of pleasure he could get with that thing on his back and the smell of gas. The blower roared and the air brushed the ground in front of him lifting the leaves but also the dirt. Relaxing, really?

In my article on difficult people, I was comparing awful and hurtful words to leaves. With the handle of the blower in hand, this idea came back to me. What about if all that pollutes my life- my troubles, the people’s bad moods, and sharp comments were like those leaves lying in front of me, I would have just one gesture to make in order to get rid of them. I push hard on the button. The blow‘s strength is great and leaves start to shake nervously. They fly away and end up blackballed into the other side of the backyard. I am the Genghis Khan of the leaf, and the Attila of terrible people’s sentences. When the space is free and the lawn can breathe, I put away the leaf blower with the feeling of a job well done.

It is the same for us. When we can free our mind from all these words that pollute and hurt our inner self, there is nothing more easing and satisfying.

Buoy Blogger