Thanksgiving is behind us and now the run starts with December and the preparation of the holidays.

Whether it is to celebrate Christmas, enjoy family time, or party for the New Year, we run in every direction: gifts for everybody, shopping to prepare the feast for the family reunions, short budgets, and dossiers to finish… Before giving us some fun, the frenzy around this time of year has a tendency to drain us. Many demands to satisfy, situations we cannot avoid, and the emotional vortex starts to turn around us twice as fast.

When we feel like we have been overrun by what is happening around us, sometimes the best thing to do is to stop running and catch our breath.

If you feel like you need a time out before the big vortex from this holiday season will blow you away, stay connected on the Buoy Blog. Our buoys will be your first steps in helping you to slow down and take your time.

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