If you are like me, you start every New Year with old resolutions, and you have good excuses for not accomplishing them. Usually, mine are:

– Stop procrastinating (well, tomorrow maybe)
– Calm down on chocolate (I cannot be calm without chocolate)
– Be kinder with myself (in my dreams)
– Start jogging (when I get new running shoes)
– Lose some weight (the more I want to lose, the more I gain)
– Save the world ( as soon as I meet the Dalai Lama)
– Be more compassionated (with everyone?)
and the list goes on and on.

It is easy though, by setting objectives I already know I won’t accomplish, I don’t have to make any effort.

At the same time, when I look back at the buoy list I made with Kathleen, we did a lot during 2013:
Emotional Freedom Technique
Tai Chi
Self Defense
Watercolor Painting
Intuitive Painting

For me this year, my best resolution will be to continue the Buoy Blog. This one, I know, will be easy to do. Having a good friend with whom I can share my struggles and trying with her to overcome them with fun will be the nicest way to start this New Year. If it can help you too to accomplish your personal goals, then 2014 is going to be fantastic.

Buoy Blogger