We saw in our last post on bad habits some tips to get rid of them. Sometimes, it can be so complicated and it feels so painful that we need to seek  help. Hypnosis is a technique we can use to modify some of our comportments we struggle to change alone.

In the movies or novels, hypnosis is often described as a way of controlling the mind of other people. We don’t see in it a practice to relieve stress, quit smoking, lose weight, or remove our anger.

“Hypnosis is,” explain the American Psychological Association (APA)’s Division of Psychological Hypnosis, “a procedure during which a health professional or researcher suggests while treating someone that he or she experience changes in sensations, perceptions, thoughts, or behavior.”

According to Eva Santamaria, a certified hypnosis from Sparta NJ, hypnosis can help us to change negative patterns of behaviors and habits that are bad for us. Patients are in a very relaxed state in which it is easier to introduce positive suggestions to help people make the change they want. The subjects are not sleeping and they are fully aware of what is going on.

During her first session, Eva talks with the patient to find which word, situation, image would work. We are all different, and there are all different kinds of patterns. An image of the ocean can relax a person, but stress out another. The idea is to find the right word, the right sentence that is going to start a process of change.  For example, don’t say “lose weight,” because nobody wants to lose a thing and you cannot succeed if somewhere in your mind a voice says, ”No.” Mostly, Eva’s job will be to find the expression, or image that will quiet this voice. Hypnosis works to control addictions, or fears, prevent pains, or even soothe anxious patients before surgery. To succeed, it needs the free will of the patient.

I am sure that you are still perplexed by this subject, so you will soon read my own experience in a following post.

Yes, readers of the Buoy Blog, once I was hypnotized.

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