We would like to thank Eva Santamaria, a certified hypnotist from Sparta, NJ, for taking the time to sit with us for an interview and explaining the hypnosis process. We have talked more about hypnosis recently.

The Buoy Blog:  What influenced you to go into the field of hypnosis?

Eva Santamaria: I grew up in New York City connecting with people and different backgrounds.As a teenager I had a mental block about math.  My dad was a psychoanalyst. He taught me self-hypnosis to help me pass the college entrance exam.  It’s  always been part of my life.

TBB: What is hypnosis? Is it a sort of sleep?

ES: It’s more a special mental state resembling to sleep,but with a level of awareness other  than the ordinary conscious. Hypnosis is a very relaxed state. This state allows me to introduce suggestions that clients want. The idea is to implant positive suggestions like quit smoking. The patient has to be willing to change behavior, because we cannot force someone to change.

TBB: What is the difference between meditation and hypnosis?

ES: Meditation is a similar state as hypnosis.  With meditation, you are trying to clear your mind of thoughts so you can connect to the essence of life, being healthy.  There are similarities but with meditation there are no suggestions.

TBB: How is hypnosis beneficial for stress relief?

ES: Hypnosis helps to remove things that cause stress  such as anger, resentment, fear,  or doubt. For those who has difficulties with self-acceptance, it can interfere with their quality of life. I will help them getting beyond things that hold them back. By changing themselves, they will affect the way people treat them.

TBB: Can we manipulate people through hypnosis?

ES: People can’t be manipulated unless they let themselves.  We try to “un-manipulate” people who have low confidence.

TBB:  Can we refuse or block hypnosis?

ES: Some people can reject suggestions.  They resist going into a relaxed state.   The client has to choose to want hypnosis.

TBB: Is  hypnosis dangerous ?

ES:  I never seen side effects with a client. Hypnosis is safe, it’s a natural state.  I never heard of people being “addicted” to hypnosis, but it can be enjoyable.

TBB: Is there more than one type of Hypnosis?

ES: There  is different types for different purpose.

TBB: How many sessions does hypnosis take to work?

ES: Choosing the right words is extremely important. I need to know the clients first, and the images that make them feel good, happy, and strong. Depending on the issue they want to work on, hypnosis can work in the first session or take several sessions.

Thank you Eva for explaining hypnosis to us and our readers.  To learn more please go to Eva’ website http://effectivehypnosisnj.com/