I recently went to the dentist to have a chipped tooth fixed.  He was the first dentist in our medical plan that could accommodate my schedule and I booked the appointment for a Monday morning.  I was a little nervous meeting him and not quite trusting of him to fix my tooth as he stood there in superhero scrubs ready to start his day.

He asked how the tooth got chipped, and I had to answer that I honestly didn’t know.  After inspecting my teeth with his miniature mirror, he said he noticed that some of my teeth were showing signs of wear from teeth grinding.  That didn’t sound good.  The suggestion after the appointment was over: wearing a mouth guard while I sleep will help prevent future grinding and wear.  Sounds like something my car needs, not my mouth.

I decided to find out what causes teeth grinding and found out it can be related to stress.   After a bit more research, on stress.org, I knew I should have quit reading while I was ahead.

#2 on their list of 50 common signs and symptoms of stress is gritting, grinding teeth.  I didn’t just stop reading there; I had to read the entire list.  Thirteen more items I was able to check off that I experience due to stress! I think I need more than a mouth guard.

So what to do about the stress problem in the first place in order to prevent the teeth grinding which will prevent the chipped tooth that will prevent the dental bill?

Ahhhhh a massage will do the trick, even if it’s temporary so that I can work on long term solutions. And it’s on our buoy list!

You may feel a little guilty taking a few hours out of your day to treat yourself but it is time well spent to take care of YOU.   The soothing atmosphere, peaceful music, and  blends of aromatherapy will put you at ease and help you relax.  Warning: after the knots in your muscles have been massaged out of your shoulders and back, you may feel like a new person!

A massage won’t take away the causes of stress in your daily life, but it can help take away some physical tension that stress can leave you with over time.  I hope you get the opportunity to take some time for yourself today and to see it’s benefits.

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Gloria after her massage
Gloria after her massage