My 5 steps to Meditate

One of these techniques to achieve this state of grace and fullness that will open to us the gates of happiness and well being is meditation.

I don’t know if you tried to take the time to meditate, but for me, it works quite nicely. Well, like for many things, it’s just a question of perspective.

Here is an example of a regular meditation session I do whenever I can.

1 -Set up the mood by choosing a smooth music

I start my session by looking for a good song.

Damn, I didn’t recall this old hit form the 80th. It reminds me when I had theses batwings sweater and a perm Chinese noodle style. How can I chase my though from my mind if I have old memories instead?

I need something to empty my mind.

I am going to look on youtube. If I type in “song to meditate.” I should find one. I have 60000 answer! Well, looks like a lot of people is in need of relaxation. This world goes to fast and we need to slow down. I am so right to do meditation. I feel better just by thinking of it.

Once the music is chosen, I settle in the living room.

2- Find the right posture and

I sit cross legged

I should put the shades to subdue the light. I don’t have shades. Isabelle told me about this web site where I could find some at a fair price. I live in this house for five years and I still don’t have shades. It’s complicated to pick the right color and fabric. If I am wrong, I can make it uglier.

Sun is great to meditate. It’s natural and warm. Nothing better. Forget the shades.

I close my eyes. I put my hands on my knees, what I am supposed to do now ?

3- Choose the right words that are going to help me relax.

Relax. Go inside myself.

I have to hurry because one of my kids is coming back from school. Then, I have to get his brother after his training, and after that I will go to the supermarket. I don’t know what to do for dinner. I don’t like cooking every night, I never know what to cook. How the other parents do?  What about noodles?

4 – Breathe deeply

Breathe in. Breathe out. Empty my mind.

This week-end, I should clean out my closets. All that junk that I kept overwhelms me. They say that a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind. I will start with my desk. I need to write for the Buoy Blog and I need to make some room. A clean desk is great for creativity. Should I go through my papers first? 

Breathe in. Breathe out

My cat joins me and starts to rub up against me. She must be hungry.

Don’t move. Keep my eyes closed.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

The cat is on my lap now. She rolls and purrs. I pet her slowly and she stretches under my hand. I adapt my movement to her rhythm and continue my slow movement. She looks very comfortable.

Does a cat meditate? Certainly, these animals are wise. 

My son sits with me. I didn’t hear him entered the room, and I didn’t realize the music has stopped.

— “How was your day at school?

— Ok. What are you doing with Daisy?

— We are meditating.

— Cool”.

We stay together on the floor petting the cat.

What should I do now?

Breathe in.  Breathe out.

5- Enjoy the moment

Buoy blogger