You now know that on this blog we challenge ourselves to realize some activities from our Buoy List to get out of our comfort zone.

I decided to sign up for a race, a 5k, organized in my home town.

I wasn’t really worried by the idea of walking 5K -yes walking, no running, one step at a time- I was born and raised in the French Pyrenees, and I am not afraid of walking. But walking with a buoy on my back? Really?


Before I signed up for the race, I was wondering why I should do this  5k. I love the quiet of a back road. Why should I walk with hundreds of people and pay for that? I had a nice set of excuses ready for not doing it.


When we think about getting out of our comfort zone, we often think about doing something that we have never done, or something crazy that we think we  will never do. One sure thing is: we don’t leave our comfort zone by doing bungee jumping the first step. We need to take it slow and set up goals that we really can achieve.

First, I was a little nervous about my race. Then I decided the 5K would be my little challenge to prove to myself that I was able to do something I was not comfortable with.


When I crossed the finish line, I was proud of myself and it gave me a nice feeling. It wasn’t so hard to get out my comfort zone. I just had to try and push myself to do it. It doesn’t matter if it was physically challenging to do it or not. I did it.

And I had a good time. It was fun to share the road with racers, joggers, and walkers. People were cheering at us along the way. I met very nice people who walked with me, thanks to Georgia who had attracted some attention.

Georgia and I did a 5K walk in less than a hour!

If I could walk through the streets of my town with a buoy on my back, I am pretty sure that you can accomplish something that matters to you, and you only. Don’t listen to those who laugh at your ideas or to those who try to discourage you.

Getting out of your comfort zone needs a first step, and then it’s just one step after another.

Are you ready to walk the walk?

Buoy blogger

Ps: Diane and Peter, it was nice walking with you guys. There will be  a back road walk at Kittatinny Valley State Park…