Recently I had the privilege of being given a personal introduction to yoga by my neighbor Heather Bivona who is a certified yoga instructor.  She has been asking me to take a class with her for months now and my schedule has always conflicted with hers.

One way to fit in a yoga class to your schedule:  grab a buoy, read your buoy list,  follow the 5 tips to get out your comfort zone, and ask an expert!

Heather was kind enough to show one extremely non flexible, out of shape neighbor some of the important stretches and breathing exercises necessary to completing a yoga class.  Fortunately, for my sake and hers, I was not converted into a human pretzel.

Key to our short time together was the soothing music she chose for the session.  I believe it made all the difference in creating a peaceful and calm environment.  When Heather completed the session, she took the time to talk about yoga.

You will find our conversation in my next post.

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