Kelley Kalafatich is an explorer, a white water adventure guide, and a film maker. She has led trips on rivers such as the Colorado, or the Zambezi. She was  also a stunt double for Meryl Streep in the movie,  “A River Wild.”

On her first descent of the Blue Nile River, she had been infected by a parasite, the Schistosomiasis Parasite, also known as Bilharzia. Paralysed from the waist  down, she is struggling to walk again, and she fights her excruciating pain with courage and determination.

In this TED talks video, she encourages everybody to:

“Follow your heart. Face your fears. Live your dream.”

How can we do that?

  • By believing we can do it
  • By taking the leap
  • By always going forward.
  • By having no regrets
  • By knowing that our fears –fears of failing, rejection, shame, blame, or injuries…- will never go away.

However, to expend our boundaries and get out of our comfort zone, we have to face our fears and live with them, and take the leap anyway. What we need also is courage and determination in order to make our dreams come true and live our goals.

Watch her inspiring talk on this video.

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