When we think about relaxation, music from Tibetan bowls comes first to mind.  They are made of different metals and produce a vibratory sound with therapeutic effects. I had the opportunity to assist at a singing bowls concert, with bowls made of crystal.


T Love, a specialist of Sound Therapy and Energetic Therapy, welcomed us in a room where some people were already settled. She invited us to sit or lay down. In front of us, a set of crystal bowls of different sizes were on the floor. She introduced us to Sound Therapy.

The Sound Therapy, which singing crystal bowls are part of, is an alternative medicine associated with Energetic Therapy. The American Cancer Society judges that music therapy is a safe and a good complement to traditional medicine.  Sound Therapy helps the circulation of the energy in our body, which if blocked can provoke uneasiness that could lead to illness. It is the same principle as the Chinese Chi which we have seen when I did my Tai Chi experience. Tai Chi is an exercise that allows, with a succession of slow movements, to bring back our energetic balance.

Cymatics, which is the study of vibrations’ effects on matter, has demonstrated the effects of sounds on matter by the drawings created on vibrating surfaces. Medicine already uses ultrasounds, airwaves that we cannot hear in physical therapy to help relieve pain for example. Associated with traditional medicine, Sound Therapy can act on our body fluids such as blood or lymphatic liquid using specific frequencies to help us heal.

After she explained music therapy to us, she added that she didn’t play any partition or have a precise idea of what she was about to play, because it would depend on the energy of the people in the room. Animated by the vibrations of the bowls, our particles reacted to the sound of the friction of the mallet on the side of the bowls. T Love answered to this reaction by playing another note until created balance in the circulation of our energy. It’s a new concert every time.


I laid down on the ground to listen to the music. A light hit on a bowl signaled the start and the end of the session. At first, the sound was a little weird and sounded like the fly of a flying saucer on a silly nest. I closed my eyes and started to concentrate on my breath. I forgot about the flying saucer.

I wonder how a walk in a labyrinth would be with that kind of music!

The sound made by the bowls seemed to be like waves that came to die on the beach, to be reborn and come again with the same amplitude. It was kind of heady and tedious and at first, I was feeling only irritation. Yet the vibrations must have done some cleaning in my cells because I started feeling something in  my solar plexus like a beat. After I went over the strange monotony of the sound, I started to relax and my body was slowly resting. I really had the feeling of vibrating with the chant of the crystal bowls.

It was relaxing and great to empty my mind of the annoying moments of my day. Listening to crystal bowls is certainly a good way to fall asleep at night.

As with many of my experiences I have done with the Buoy Blog, after I go over my apprehension and my skepticism, I am amazed with the results. The chant of the crystal bowls was an unexpected experience and a little addictive. Now, I never hesitate to listen to this music when I feel stressful or nervous, and I put it in the background while I am working.

In my next post, you will know more about crystal bowls by reading T Love’s interview.

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