T Love, media personality and owner of Quantum Wellness Center in Andover Township, New Jersey, is an accomplished Energy Therapist, Certified Sound Therapist, Meditation & Breath Work Facilitator, and Applied Positive Psychology Practitioner. She is one of only a handful of Sound Therapists in the world certified to both teach and play Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls specifically for healing purposes.

T is the producer and host of the award winning radio show, Energy Awareness Radio. T is also an international keynote speaker and a contributing editor for various spiritual and holistic health magazines.

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The Buoy Blog: Why do you call your center Quantum Wellness Center?

T Love: The word Quantum has various definitions depending upon how it is used. For instance as a noun it means a quantity or amount, and implies the amount is large. As an adjective it means sudden or significant. My work as an energy therapist involves working with the energy of an individual of which various amounts of energy are able to shift suddenly and even significantly. Because of that, and though I know most probably won’t appreciate the name in the same way I do, it worked for me and so I gave the name Quantum Wellness Center to my business with an eye toward increasing the importance of wellness in quantum.

TBB:Why did you learn about Cymatics? How does it influence your energy therapy work? Does music therapy have the same benefits as energy therapy?

TL: I am a student of Quantum Physics, Cymatics and Positive Psychology. All of which, blend well in my work as an energy therapist. Everything is energy – ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING.

There are many forms of energy therapy, Cymatics included. The benefits of energy therapy, no matter the modality, are the same: accelerates the natural healing process, provides pain relief/ reduction, reduces stress and insomnia, relieves anxiety and depression, releases toxins from the body, increases awareness and creativity, does not interfere with, but rather complements, all other medical treatments, aids in meditation, encourages positive thinking, improves concentration and fosters greater clarity of mind.

In my practice I use sound therapy to enhance the reconnective healing energy therapy that I administer. This has always seemed to be a very natural blending of modalities that I have found my clients truly enjoy and benefit from greatly.

TBB:      The American Cancer Society regards sound therapy as a safe complementary cancer therapy. Can sound therapy cure an illness, or is it only a complement to regular treatment?

TL:I want to make sure I am VERY CLEAR on this. NO ONE on this planet cures or heals anyone. NO ONE. I do not refer to myself as a healer. I am an energy therapist. Everyone one of us heals ourselves. Our bodies know what to do. Our bodies know how to heal. Sometimes we just need a nudge to initiate that healing within ourselves.

I believe every form of energy therapy is healing and is most definitely complementary to all conventional treatments. Have I seen people who have come into my practice with an issue and walked out free of pain, illness or disease? YES, I absolutely have. Many of my clients are wonderful healers – LOL! Again, we ALL heal ourselves. The energy therapy is the catalyst to providing our bodies the means to do so.

TBB:     During the concert you gave at ISD (Institute of Spiritual Development), you explained that the crystal bowls were made of silicon quartz crystals, and because our body contained silica in its cells, the bowls resonated in our body creating a better balance and harmony. What about the Tibetan bowls? Why did you choose these crystal bowls instead?

TL: That’s correct. We have silica in every cell of our body so we have a natural affinity to the quartz crystal singing bowls because they are 99.9992% pure silicon quartz crystal. When I was choosing bowls I heavily researched the crystal bowls vs. the Tibetan bowls. I found the crystal bowls to be so beautiful but I knew I wanted to choose bowls where my clients would reap the benefits sooner rather than later and I couldn’t just choose those that I thought were pretty.

The Tibetan bowls are made of brass. We don’t have brass in our bodies, per se. We do have the components of brass: the yellow bowls are 90% zinc and 10% copper while the red bowls are 70% zinc and 30% copper. Both of these elements exist in our bodies, but only as trace minerals, they are not found in every cell of your body.

Given that, my choice was quite easy. Will the Tibetan bowls work? Absolutely, just not as quickly as the quartz crystal bowls.

tilted bowl

TBB:     During the concert, you had a set of bowls on the ground. They seem to have a specific space. Why do you place them on the floor and how do you organize them? Why are they different sizes?

TL: The bowls that I place on the floor are frosted, they’re like the flat notes on a piano keyboard while the smaller clear bowls, usually on a table, are akin to the sharp notes on a piano keyboard. I space the larger bowls far enough apart so their resonance, the sound they emit when they are played, doesn’t interfere with the vibrations of each other and clash. That’s not soothing at all. They’re set up as an octave, beginning with the note of C and ending with B, just like a musical instrument. The sizes vary based on the octave: the larger the bowl, the lower the octave, the smaller the bowl, the higher the octave. The frosted bowls are always played on the floor, they range in weight from 2 pounds to over 50 pounds each. The smaller clear bowls weigh much less, none of which exceed 2 pounds. The smaller bowls are played on the person, at their solar plexus.  The vibration goes through their body so they really feel the flow of it throughout their being. I also will play the smaller bowls in the palm of my hand as I walk to play their frosted counterpart bowl.

bowls_kneel_t love

TBB:     You also explained that the bowls resonate to each of us in different ways. Do we have a personal rhythm? How do you know which bowl to play during a private session? How do you know what to play when you are in front of several people?

TL: The bowls resonate to different parts and systems of the human body. Our bodies do have various rhythms as well: the pulse of blood flow, the rhythm of our breath, probably the most commonly known, the circadian rhythm. (The circadian rhythm  is a biological process that has an oscillation of 24 hours, for example sleep and wake episodes. Note from the Buoy Blog) 

The bowls work with frequencies and resonate to the frequencies of the organs and systems of the human body. For example the bowl referred to as the heart bowl, plays the F note and corresponds to the heart, immune system, upper body, arms shoulders, hands, blood circulation, rib cage and skin. When that bowl is played, it is balancing or calibrating all of those parts and systems of the body.

Then, in a private session, I start by administering reconnective healing to the individual who is laying fully clothed on a massage table. I do not touch the client. I can feel a difference in the density of the energy space over the person as I work on them. That gives me the first indication of which bowl to play. As I play the bowls, I am listening to the energy. I don’t hear what everyone else hears. I’m hearing a clash of energy that dictates to me which bowl to play next to balance out the energy so the person is calibrated when the session is complete. Because it’s one-on-one, the private sessions are very different from a concert setting where there is anywhere between a dozen to 100 people in the audience.

In that case, I hear a lot of clashing of energy. My job is to listen to the sounds of the frequencies and play to balance those that are most prominent first until I have balanced all the energy in the room. Typically, a concert is 3 sets of 20 minutes of bowl playing with small breaks between each set. By the end of the concert, the group is balanced. Some people feel the benefits are greater in a private session but I have had many attendees tell me they no longer had a specific issue either immediately following a concert or realized their issue was gone within a matter of a few days. Group energy is very powerful and very impressive things occur in group settings. It’s also a lot more cost effective which is why a lot of people attend concerts on a regular basis.

TBB:     In the history of sound therapy, we see that music was used by several cultures. Native Americans, for example, were chanting and singing to heal. Are you doing the same kind of healing? Can we compare the frequencies of crystal bowls to human voices? What are their frequencies?

TL: The bowls each have a specific frequency and it is comparable to the human voice in the way ancient cultures used sound to initiate healing. Many still use chanting today – I don’t, you wouldn’t want to hear me chant – I’m quite sure it wouldn’t be pleasant. Human voice frequencies vary by individual whereas the bowls are very specific. This means the bowls are very accurate in their frequencies whereas the human voice fluctuates and may not necessarily get each needed frequency spot on. The frequency of the bowls varies between 396Hz and 963Hz.

TBB:      In many religions, Labyrinths symbolized a spiritual journey. Why do you have a labyrinth in your center? How do you use it in your therapy?

TL:I have always loved labyrinths and I have always wanted to have one so I built mine, by hand, 50’ in diameter with 7 circuits. Labyrinths are very meditative – which of course, initiates healing. Many hospitals and wellness centers have them now. I invite my clients to walk the labyrinth before or after a session to help them to be present, in the moment, and feel from their heart. The electro-magnetic field of the heart is huge and the feelings that we evoke from a place of gratitude, compassion, care and appreciation also bring forth those frequencies that initiate healing. The labyrinth helps clients maintain that level of awareness. Knowing that, I very much wanted to offer labyrinth walks as part of my practice. It’s becoming more common. As a matter of fact The National Institutes of Health has conducted research with Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis patients who walked labyrinths on a regular basis. Their findings indicated patients were benefiting greatly and improving significantly from the walks. It’s very impressive.

Labyrinth t love

TBB:      Would you like to add something for my readers to convince them of the benefits of music therapy?

TL: We do so many different things to achieve optimum health: aerobics keeps us fit, resistance training builds strength and maintains metabolism, yoga provides flexibility and of course the goal of yoga is meditation which allows us to reflect inward and be present. Sound therapy is also used as a preventive measure.

A body is in a healthy state of being when each cell and each organ creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being. Sound therapy is a great way to keep your body, mind and spirit balanced through total, deep relaxation. Plus there’s no effort on the part of the client at all.

I think it’s critically important for people to understand that sound therapy, or any form of energy therapy, is not something you learn in a weekend seminar or by watching videos. I studied for years, as do all certified sound therapists. Unfortunately, many are taking weekend seminars from untrained, self-proclaimed, sound therapists who confer a ‘certificate’ at the end of the weekend. That doesn’t make them a sound therapist anymore than someone who takes a weekend class in how to complete their tax forms makes them a tax specialist. Some people are actually watching YouTube videos to learn how to play tuning forks. You cannot hear the frequencies clearly through a video. I find it horrifying. Whether Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls or Tuning Forks; be sure to ask the provider where they learned, how long they studied, how long they’ve been practicing, why they use the instrument they use and why they chose it. I’m very picky about my bowls. Not all bowls or tuning forks are high quality. You need the quality of the material to get the perfect frequency. If you’re picky about who cuts your hair, and many are, then you ought to be no less picky about who is administering any form of energy therapy to your body. It is true, anyone can pick up a bowl and play it, but have they learned how to play the bowls specifically for healing purposes or are they just incorporating into their current work: massage therapy, chiropractic or perhaps another form of energy therapy? Do your homework. Don’t go to someone without doing the research. Be sure you’re comfortable with the person you choose as well; you really need to trust and have  faith in the therapist’s abilities.

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