Years ago, McDonalds had a catchy slogan accompanied by an even catchier jingle that began, “You deserve a break today…”

In the 1970’s, L’Oreal introduced the phrase, “Because I’m worth it” into their advertising.

This powerful wording was meant to encourage us to go out and purchase a burger and cosmetics, but not necessarily in that order.  I wonder how many people actually believed in the meaning behind the ads.  To say we deserve something or that we are worth it comes across as quite narcissistic if we repeat the phrases to ourselves.  It’s much easier to watch an ad on television that leaves us feeling good rather than taking action.

Last year my family traveled to Mexico to attend a destination wedding.  We stayed at an all-inclusive resort the extended family reserved for the occasion. Gluttony is an understatement when residing at a resort like this for a week, not to mention the extensive excursions and amenities provided for guests.  I was like a kid in a candy store, not knowing which activity/restaurant, etc. to choose from.

Our room had a “credit” for some resort options, many of them offered at the spa.  For someone who thinks treating herself to a haircut (a necessity) at a local salon, the word spa has never been in my vocabulary. The menu of choices went on for pages listing manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages.  I finally made a reservation for the following day to receive a basic massage, which has been on the buoy list for a while now.

After changing into a comfy robe and slippers I was led to a dimly lit room which had few decorations and a massage table in the center of it.  The smell of lavender filled the room and there were assorted essential oils on a small shelf.  Soothing and peaceful music was playing just soft enough to hear without it being overwhelming to the environment.

When the masseuse entered the room with a friendly face and smile the picture was complete.  Before I knew it, the half hour appointment was over and I was leaving this tranquil escape to meet up with everyone for lunch.  I didn’t feel guilty about treating myself and spending a half hour away from relatives; I actually felt refreshed and stress free.   It was a day to tell myself I am worth the half hour to myself, I am worth having the stress in my shoulders kneaded out of me, I am worth taking care of myself for a change, I am worth treating myself.


Gloria at the Spa
Gloria at the Spa

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