Before we start to make our old new resolutions for the new year, it’s time to look back to 2014 and write down all the nice things that had happen to us during these 12 months.

Here is my own list. Please, add your own beautiful things in a comment, so we can create an even longer list together!

  • Biking by the ocean for Mother Day
  • Laughing with Pierre, Max and Arthur
  • Laughing about nothing with Gilles
  • Laughing for any reason
  • Reading the tarot with Brigitte
  • Any email form JP
  • Sharing tears with Kathleen
  • A night out with my friends from the job club even if I have found a job
  • Montréal, because Pierre is there
  • Playing shamanic drums without a musical ear but with a beating heart
  • My cat, even when he pees in my plants
  • My other cat because she is my cat
  • Any meal under the canopy in Summer time
  • Pretending to visit a prehistoric cave in a room without windows with my students
  • “Let’s Speak French” meetings with my friends and all the lovers of the French Language in my good town of Sparta
  • Writing for Taographie
  • My kids baking my birthday cake as if they were on a TV Show
  • The house in the trees
  • The deer in my backyard
  • The bears coming in Spring
  • Breathing
  • My colored pencils
  • My notebook of nice things
  • Georgia, the buoy
  • Writing, writing, writing
  • A pot filled with paper clips
  • All the visits from the red bird
  • Looking for the Gévaudan beast in France
  • The Q
  • Emma Watson’s speech for the Heforshe campaign at the UN
  • The Gift of Imperfection by Brené Brown
  • Listening to The StoryCorps on the radio every Friday morning
  • D’Jango, the dog
  • And my bathroom…when it will be done will be on my list of nice things 2015!

You can find my list and more lists on the magazine Taographie. Click on the number 5. This magazine on well-being is in French, English and Spanish!

Happy end of year!

Buoy Blogger

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