It’s a little away from the main road that goes to Warwick, NY, just before the railroad tracks. An old mill on the banks of the Wawayanda river; a park opened to all, where one can walk, relax or meditate in peace.


It’s “ One man’s work of art that aspires to be an oasis of quiet and sanity dedicated to what is Human in each of us Human,” said his creator the American artist, Frederick Franck. He wanted, created and animated this park as a sacred place where spirituality is based on all religions.

“I built Pacem in Terris, an oasis of inwardness, for reconnecting self and nature. It is dedicated to Angelo Roncalli, Jean XXIII, Albert Schweitzer et Daisetz Susuki, prophets of what is human in everyone born human…”


Following the paths and the sculptures that rhythm the visit, visitors find many religious references, from the Tao to Jésus, as a hymn to the human in all his spiritual forms. For Franck, art is “ “religious,” a spiritual act, not in any sectarian sense but as a witness of a religious  attitude to sheer being, to existence as such, being supremely meaningful.”



The park had welcomed Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Buddhist, and Shinto services as well as a concert and poetry reading. Pacem in Terris is the remarkable work of an artist, “a sacred place that would speak to the sacred space at the core at the human heart.”



When we are lost in our emotional FOG, it is comforting to be able to find a rejuvenating place, a place that heals and helps us to be centered. Some pieces of art show some of the cruelest aspects of humanity and I have found some sculptures, like Hiroshima, to be melancholic and violent.  I loved this moment of peace and pure beauty. A walk in Pacem in Terris has a healing effect that it is worth the detour.

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