Several days ago, I needed to purchase a “few” groceries and headed to my local Costo store.  As you know, Costco isn’t a traditional store but a warehouse with convenient cash registers up front near the food counter. If you want to challenge yourself while there, you can order a pizza and see if you can finish shopping and check out all before it is finished baking.

I pushed my Costco sized grocery cart into the entrance after flashing my membership card-yes it is an elite club where you show you belong to this giant warehouse after spending almost $100 to join….annually. My list wasn’t a long one, but as usual I got sidetracked looking at the numerous items your eyes can’t avoid: a shed which could be a rental unit to help pay for college tuition, the food samples strategically located at the end of the aisles, and a 78″ television that would cause my husband to lose his job.  Focus-back to the list.

As I filled my cart, I justified the purchases by telling myself that I would save money in the long run by buying these items in bulk compared to buying them at the local grocery store. I NEEDED 3 pounds of bacon, 3 dozen extra large eggs, 5 pounds of clementines, 40 ounces of ketchup (x3 since you can’t just buy a single jar), 64 ounces of mayonnaise, 12 count box of yogurt, and grated cheese in a container 8 inches high.

I now not so easily pushed and maneuvered the cart up the opposite side of the store avoiding those free food samples that might tempt me to buy just…one…more…thing. I finally made it to the checkout line behind 7 other customers-glad that I snagged the short line, and equally glad that i wasn’t purchasing any frozen items. After checking out, I got on another line before exiting where an employee counted the items in my cart and verified that number against my 2 foot long receipt.  You won’t get that kind of service at your local grocery store. I head to my car where I lower all of the seats in order to fit everything and still be able to see out my rear window.

After unloading all of the groceries back home, I realized I needed one more thing to make this shopping experience complete but which wasn’t on my list- a Costco sized refrigerator!

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