Scream Under Water

A buoy blog to stay afloat in situations that drown us

A Note to Our Readers

Dear Readers,

The Buoy Blog is for you.

We will take many silly experiments very seriously in order to share our experiences, hoping that you will enjoy reading about them.

Feel free to contact us at any time by email or with comments on our posts.

Tell us your story about being in the FOG or the way you have gotten out of it.  You can also give us suggestions of activities to do. We will do our best with our physical and intellectual abilities so that we may try them for you.

Whatever your choice is,  we will be happy to hear from you.

We hope truly hope that we will be able to help you take back  control of your life.

Therefore, as Buoy Bloggers, we cannot guarantee the scientific or medical results of the activities we will be doing. This blog is just a step on your personal journey. Take it as it is: the corner of a table where you can talk with friends who want to listen,  support, and help you, without any judgment

Otherwise, if you suffer with a severe disorder, or if you are in the middle of a dangerous relationship or crisis, please think first about your security. Seek professional help.

Week after week, you will find on this blog resourceful links and websites that can provide you with all kinds of helpful information.


Florence and Kathleen
The Buoy Bloggers


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