Scream Under Water

A buoy blog to stay afloat in situations that drown us

The Buoy Blog’s Logo

The Buoy Blog’s Logo was conceived, drawn, and created by our friend, Jean-Pierre.


Jean-Pierre is a Catalan-French architect who lives in France.

His work consists of assessing and resolving housing problems. From the conception of an idea to the construction of buildings, he takes into account the ecological impact of his work.  He assists both private individuals and regional government.

Curious, Jean-Pierre is interested in an assortment of things that can nourish his reflection on architecture. He perceives his art as an extension of nature and refers to it as a human service which helps him find an original substance that is essential for wellness.  He feels there is a need for mankind to return to a profound nature and that art, design, and architecture are the tools to achieve this.

As a gourmet, he loves his wife’s delicious cuisine, and he is delighted with his son’s joie de vivre.

He is also the creator of the Daisy Lewis logo:

Daisy Lewis


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