Scream Under Water

A buoy blog to stay afloat in situations that drown us

The Buoy List

We made a list of all the things we always wanted to do, we were afraid to do, we never thought we could do, we are sure we cannot do:

  •       Take a writing Class
  •       Have a massage
  •       Sleep in/nap-find a silly place
  •       Try new candles/aromatherapy
  •       Meditate
  •       Journal
  •       See a medium
  •       Try drumming for healing
  •       Go on a retreat
  •       Breathe
  •       Try integrative medicine/holistic centers
  •       Write for therapy
  •       Go to church- visit a church other than your faith not   necessarily during a service
  •       Walk through a cemetery
  •       Practice emotional Freedom Technique
  •       Sign up for wine Tasting Class/Vineyard
  •       Drink coffee-coffee pot with morning timer/cafe
  •       Try a new food
  •       Enjoy chocolate
  •       Cook something new
  •       Go to an orchard/farm-apples, pumpkins, strawberries
  •       Make a purchase health food store/farmers market
  •       Go horseback riding
  •       Hike
  •       Bike
  •       Walk
  •       Swim
  •       Spend time with your pet
  •       Take a self-defense class
  •       Walk on a beach
  •       Do yoga
  •       Practice Tai Chi
  •       Try pilates
  •       Take a Karate  class
  •       Sign up for a kickboxing class
  •       Walk in a park
  •       Walk a dog
  •       Play tennis/badminton/volley ball
  •       Run/jog
  •       Go dancing
  •       Do Geocaching
  •       Boat ride- canoeing/rafting or take a ride on a boat
  •       Garden
  •       Blow leaves
  •       Watercolor Painting/Draw/Intuitive painting
  •       Sew/knit/crochet/needlepoint/embroidery
  •       Complete a puzzle- jigsaw/crossword
  •       Redo your house-paint a room/feng-shui
  •       Clean with fun
  •       Work with pottery
  •       Invent perfume
  •       Create sculpture
  •       Volunteer- Animal shelter/nursing home
  •       Do ten random acts of kindness
  •       Visit a nursing home
  •       Go Green- make one change in our behavior for the     environment
  •       Listen to a stranger for 10 min
  •       Have a haircut
  •       Take a relaxing Shower or bath with dim lights/candles/music/bath salts
  •       Browse the library- find a new book/book club/blind date with a book
  •       Rent a movie/rent a DVD-see a feel good movie list
  •       Borrow a music CD/listen to a new genre of music
  •       Spend an afternoon with good friends-“no work” no FOG
  •       Pick a place to read
  •       Take a class- credit or non credit/ ED2GO
  •       Re-visit an old place
  •       Find a treasure in an antic shop
  •       Visit a new place
  •       Walk through a botanical garden or an arboretum
  •       Shop within limits using a cash budget
  •       Tour a Museum or a gallery
  •       Attend a comedy Show, a play/a drama/a musical
  •       Go to  free Concerts -towns/HS/Colleges
  •       Find your family roots
  •       Visit Historical sites
  •       Sign up for a charity event
  •       Go for a drive
  •        Hypnosis

What is your list?

Kathleen and Florence
The Buoy Bloggers


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