Scream Under Water

A buoy blog to stay afloat in situations that drown us

The Buoy Bloggers

Kathleen, Gloria, Georgia and Florence
The Buoy Bloggers:
Kathleen, Gloria, Georgia and Florence



I am a French writer who has published a novel in France. I write short stories both in French and English.

Before leaving France, I was working in a telecommunications company, but was assigned to very hazardous duties. Therefore, when I arrived in the US, I decided to free my creative side and took a journalism class in French, and writing class in English.

I am married, a mom of three teenage boys, and the servant of two cats.


I  returned to school to become a teacher, and spend my time tutoring and writing.

After receiving my degree in Sociology, I spent time as a social worker and bookkeeper before becoming a mom to three kids, two lizards, and a dog.

We are both long-haul readers and privateers in volunteering. We willingly dedicate our time to school libraries, kids, and the Buoy Blog.


2 thoughts on “The Buoy Bloggers

  1. Hi girls. We’ve met at c3. Kathleen, your neighbor( my friend) heather told me to reach out to you ladies. I’ve been doing all kinds of things with my practice and I’d love to share it with you.
    Much love.


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